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Note for Multi-links/Parts
PLEASE REMEMBER: Download ALL Parts One by One & than Extract Part 1 Using WinRar.

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You must need to read all FAQs to solve common issues!

Our first priority to provite you 100% working setup but if you have encountered some error during downloading and installation, you must need to read these FAQs below to solve common issues!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I the games? Ans. We have made a very simple download process for our gaming community, so everyone can Games easily, but if you are still struggling with the Process, Please Check out our, How to Video.
2. How much Downloading Speed can ApunKaGames Offer? Ans. We upload games on TheFilesLocker.Com, which offers High Speed of 25MB+ (25000KBPS). It will let You download games quickly and easily!
3. Why i can’t download multiple files at the same time? Ans. We don’t allow multiple downloads at the same time for better download speed, reliability, and server maintenance.
4. Do I need to download all parts before extracting and why big games on ApunKaGames are in parts? Ans. First of all, yes you need to download all parts. In case you will not download all parts then it won’t have all the game data files that are required to extract the game resulting in corrupt file error. The reason we upload big games in parts is to assure that users can easily download them quickly. If big games are not divided into parts, downloading will take a lot of time.
5. When I extract the game, it asks me for some password, Can you let me know the passwords for Games? Ans. You will find passwords for the games at the end of every game post, but if you are still unable to find the password, please check our Password Page.
6. Do i need to extract all parts and can i rename game parts files? Ans. No, you don’t need to extract all parts, just keep all parts in one folder and extract part 1, so all parts can be extracted automatically. On the other hand, you should not rename parts files of the game, because if any part gets renamed the main file won’t recognized that part, which could get the file corrupted and you will not be able to play the game.
7. My WinRAR keep showing corrupt error while extracting the game? Ans. It mostly occurs because you’re using an old version or some new version of WinRAR which is not compatible with our WinRAR file version. Please use Winrar 5.01 for the best and smooth extraction without any errors.
8. When I install the game my anti-virus or anti-malware program pops-up and shows the game file as a virus. Does your game has a virus? Ans. All anti-virus programs get paid to stop free version games, so when anti-virus detects — game or — game setup, it deletes the some file or abort setup before the installation process ends. All you need to do is disable your anti-virus before extracting or installing any game and then re-enable it after the first launch or add the files or launchers of the games in exclusion list of your anti-virus. Avast AntivirusNorton AntivirusAVG AntivirusBitdefenderPanda System Security or Antivirus
9. Why should I disable anti-virus before extracting or installing any game, I’m worried that it can damage my PC by infecting it with a virus or malware? Ans. First of all, we scan all files using Avast Premium Antivirus to make sure that it doesn’t contain any virus or malware. Then we test, and play all these games to give you 100% working and safe games. There is no need to worry. The reason you should disable your anti-virus or malware program before extracting is that if your anti-malware program blocks or otherwise interferes with a game installation, you may end up with an installation failure or error. Disabling or exiting the anti-virus software isn’t the same thing as uninstalling it completely. All you need to do is temporarily turn it off during the installation of any game and then re-enable it after the first launch.
10. How do I mount .bin files? Ans. You can mount .cue or .iso files using UltraISO (See Video)
11. Why can I not save the game? Ans. It usually not saving because you don’t have administrator privilege, in-order to save game you need to run game as administrator.
12. My game pop-up in a small screen (Windowed), How can I start the game in full-screen or go full-screen? Ans. In order to get Full-screen, you need to press Alt+Enter and press the same to go back to Windowed screen again.
13. Why I’m getting errors like (Runtime Errors or Missing MSVCR100 or 110.dll etc..) also more like (Missing dll d3dx3_code or XINput.dll errors) (0xc00007b error). How can I fix these? Ans. None of these errors or other errors will going to occur, if you have these softwares installed in your PC. DirectX 9DirectX 11Graphic DriversMicrosoft Visual C++ – .NET Framework These software are not installed during the window installation process. So you have to install these software manually, It will allow you to run any game without errors.
14. Can we play Online/Multiplayer in — games? Ans. You can’t play online/multiplayer games with a free version of the game, because a player must buy the game in order to get access to official game servers to play online, whether it’s LAN or hosted online. However, in some games, Yes you can, if the game has l.a.n capabilities then you can use a program like tunngle, Gameranger or hamachi to play games like Borderlands, the world of Warcraft and Minecraft etc.
15. My windows don’t support this old game. How to use compatibility mode to run an old game? Ans. You can watch our video on How to run programs or games in compatibility mode.

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